Computer Access

For people with significant physical disabilities, simple tasks such as using a computer can be difficult. With computers being a significant part of everyday life, the Electronic Assistive Technology Service can provide solutions to allow people to access their computers.


Eligibility for computer access systems is determined by service specification D01/S/c “Environmental Control Equipment for Patients with Complex Disability” and is commissioned directly by NHS England. Currently we are only able to provide this service to people whose GP is registered in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire or Lincolnshire (please note this excludes North Lincolnshire).

People who require access to this service need to meet the criteria set out in the service specification, that is: 

  • Have significant physical disability, predominately with upper limb impairments that result in them being unable to use standard controls, for example remote-control handsets or telephones or computer mice, keyboards or touch screens
  • Cognitively and physically able to operate EC equipment consistently.
  • Able to demonstrate sustained motivation to use the EC equipment.
  • Where individuals have a variable condition (eg: a progressive neurological condition), the above criteria can be applied with regard to the person’s anticipated needs and abilities within a clinically appropriate time period. Referrals can be accepted on this basis.

The following exclusion criteria also apply to access to the service:

  • Where non-specialist solutions to the identified needs of the patient are available and appropriate for the individual.
  • Provision of equipment is inappropriate due to social, environmental or other circumstances.
  • Where the referred need is for equipment primarily for educational ICT or, employment ‘access to work’ requirement, then the referral will normally be referred to the relevant agencies for assessment and provision. Collaboration with these agencies may still be appropriate.

Systems Provided

The computer access service is able to provide devices which enable people to access their own computers, such as head mice, sip-puff mice, adapted keyboards, rollerball joysticks etc. We are not able to provide the computer. We will provide training on how to use the adapted access method at installation, but cannot provide training on how to use the computer or any software other than that we have provided.

Referral Form

If you are working with someone you feel would benefit from a computer access assessment please download the form below and send by secure email to or by post to Electronic Assistive Technology Service, Fen House, Fen Lane, North Hykeham, Lincoln, LN6 8UZ.

Please note - this is the same referral form for Environmental Controls - this is intentional. Please make it clear in the form if you are looking for computer access only. If you unsure whether you are seeking environmental controls, computer access or both, please fill out the form with as much detail as possible.

Click the icon below to download a word copy of the referral form.

Computer access referral form
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