Transition referrals

9th May 2018

It’s that time of year again where many children are planning on moving schools and many young adults are planning to leave school for adult services.

Transitions need to be a positive thing for the individual and their family. Planning starts early and this needs to include any changes or reviews needed for communication devices, for example, sometimes communication devices are funded by education and so may need replacing.

If you know of an individual that will need an assessment for transition, make a referral early. We advise you make a referral to EATS the Christmas before the year the individual will be leaving their current school, e.g. leaving in July 2018, refer in December 2019.

Referring early means that an assessment and the first trial of a device can be carried out in a setting where the individual is already known and begin to be embedded before he/she leaves. If a referral is done after Easter, which is often what has happened, a new device may get lost in amongst all the other changes happening in an individual’s life and means that he/she is not always given the best opportunity to use the device well and can lead to rejection.

As always, if you would like to discuss this call EATS on 01522 697282.

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