About the team

From left to right: Jo Pacey, Debra Houlden, Rachel Creswell, Alison Crabb, Sally Madeley-Carr, David Watkins, Fiona Brown, Gemma Cole, David Madeley, Steve Parslow, Jessica Willetts, Adam Pullen, Jane Newton, Tim Foulsham, Helen Wiles , Sarah Seamer.


The Electronic Assistive Technology Service is a multidisciplinary team based in North Hykeham near Lincoln. The team comprises of Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Clinical Scientists, Clinical Technologists, Technology Assistants and Office Managers. The team covers the whole of the East Midlands for various services. We are part of Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust.

Clinical Service Lead

Head of Clinical Devices

Sally Madeley-Carr

Leo Whiteman



Advanced Occupational Therapists

Highly Specialised Speech and Language Therapists

Alison Crabb

Helen Wiles

Rachel Cresswell

Jo Pacey

Kay Hall

Jo Brown


Rachel Clare



Consultant Speech and Language Therapist


Sarah Seamer




Clinical Technologists

Therapy Assistant Practitioners

Steven Parslow

Fiona Brown

Tim Foulsham

Debra Houlden

David Madeley

Jessica Willetts



Technology Assistants

Administration Team

Gemma Cole

Jane Newton

Luke Fortune

Sarah Young

Matt Barnard

Paul O'Leary 

David Watkins


Get in contact

Electronic Assistive Technology Service
Fen House, Fen Lane
North Hykeham

Email: eats.lincoln@nhs.net
Phone: 01522 572820

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